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Social Business Incubator

touch BASE is back !


Registration is now open for the 2024 edition of the touch BASE programme !

Following the success of its first edition, the Social Business Incubator proudly announces the return of touch BASE, a support programme designed for aspiring social entrepreneurs in Luxembourg.

Have you ever dreamed of launching a business in Luxembourg that goes beyond profit, aiming to create a meaningful impact on people’s lives? If so, the Social Business Incubator invites you to join our intense programme, Touch BASE, specifically designed for individuals with a passion for positive societal change.


What Touch BASE offers:

  • A structured programme dedicated to budding social entrepreneurs
  • Dynamic group training sessions with like-minded people
  • Individual coaching sessions with established entrepreneurs
  • Deep immersion in Luxembourg’s social entrepreneurial ecosystem


Programme structure:

  • Touch BASE runs from April to October 2024
  • Over 60 hours of engaging workshops and 20 hours of individual coaching
  • Workshops and coaching sessions happen in general once per week
  • Touch BASE consists of three phases, each featuring progress presentations before a committee of entrepreneurial experts and representatives from the Ministry of Labour


By the end of the programme, you will have:

  • Concretized your business idea and social impact
  • Validated your market
  • Elaborated a financial plan
  • Established your marketing plan
  • Prepared the launch of your Social Business Company (SIS)


Join us on this exciting journey of social entrepreneurship with touch BASE, where innovation meets social impact.

Send us your application here!