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Social Business Incubator

Social Business Incubator

Are you seeking to develop your social impact project in Luxembourg? Do you want to set up your own social impact company (société d’impact sociétal)?

The Social Business Incubator, “SBI”, was set up at the initiative of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and solidarity economy. It reflects the government’s desire to develop the social and solidarity economy as part of Luxembourg’s policy of economic diversification.

  • Work and collaborative space
  • Place of reference
  • Education, information, and training
  • Advice
  • start. Discover your entrepreneurial profile and identify the social impact of your project.
  • shape. Analyse the business opportunities and draw up your social business plan.
  • set. Launch your business as a societal impact company.
  • Introduction to the social and solidarity economy

  • Introduction to social entrepreneurship and societal impact companies.

  • Creating a social business plan

  • And so much more!

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