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Since 2009, the Luxembourg government has had a ministerial department specifically dedicated to the social and solidarity economy. Its primary mission is to promote the social and solidarity economy, its stakeholders, social entrepreneurship and, more specifically, societal impact companies (SIS) in Luxembourg and Europe.


Created in July 2013, ULESS aims to defend and promote the collective interests of the social and solidarity economy. ULESS’s mission is to organise, represent, promote, and defend companies in the social and solidarity economy.


Sensbox was set up and accredited as a societal impact company in 2022 and offers consultancy in the field of sustainable development. The company’s mission is to collaborate in creating, studying, and implementing sustainable local and regional projects, and to raise awareness of economic, social, and environmental issues among all stakeholders.


Granted SIS status in 2020, our aim is to support the professional and societal integration of young people who have left school or who have no specific occupation, and who are in precarious or financially vulnerable situations, by teaching them a wide range of professional skills. We want to revitalise the craft sector, strengthen social and cultural connections, and promote an active, united, and creative way of life.


Survcoin was accredited as a SIS in 2022, and aims to stimulate and accelerate our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint by quantifying and rewarding these efforts in survcoins, a digital currency, helping users understand their carbon footprints while adding a fun element to the process.


Ecofluent aims to promote responsible production and consumption by encouraging the reduction and reuse of products and packaging. We are developing strategies for active waste prevention. Spaces are an important element in setting up a coherent zero-waste system. Thanks to our experience in spatial planning, our solutions simplify operations. Our services also include education on zero waste, responsible production and consumption, and the circular economy.


As a societal impact company, Voix Solidaires SARL-S’s mission is to see and identify the “blind spots” in our society and to address them through concrete projects, measures, and services, so that together we can build a more inclusive society. As we go from one crisis to the next (health, energy, inflation, war) the number of people without access to all sources of information, support systems, and tools, and the number of people of limited means is only growing. More generally, we also provide information on initiatives by associations and companies working to promote ethical and responsible consumption.


kroW SARL-S SIS is a company that works to improve the working relationship between employers and employees in the private, public, and institutional sectors and to support jobseekers. We work in several areas: return to employment (jobseekers, those returning after a long absence, illness, maternity leave, etc.), professional integration, skills assessment, talent mapping, redundancy plans, management of work-related psychosocial problems (burn-out, bore-out, etc.).



Granted societal impact company status in 2023, Dalza enables parents, therapists, and teachers to manage the day-to-day responsibilities of supporting children with learning difficulties. It offers a web and mobile platform that enables the child’s team to understand and coordinate all their needs. It facilitates connections, exchanges, planning, monitoring, and collaboration at every stage of assessment, diagnosis, support, treatment, and education. All in one place.


LUMI, accredited as a SIS in 2023, is a research spin-off of the University of Luxembourg, dedicated to public utility. Committed to translating insights from cognitive science into practical applications, its mission revolves around enhancing the learning experiences of vulnerable children. LUMI strives to develop evidence-based solutions, fostering educational prosperity and well-being for all children.

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