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Social Business Incubator

Accessibility Statement

The document is titled “Accessibility Statement” and is from Social Business Incubator. It details their commitment to making their website accessible in accordance with the law of May 28, 2019, concerning the accessibility of public sector organizations’ websites and mobile applications. This statement applies to

What is Digital Accessibility ?

A website is considered accessible if it allows people with disabilities to access its content and functionalities without difficulty.

An accessible site, for example, allows for:

  • Navigation using voice synthesis and/or Braille display (used by blind and visually impaired people).
  • Customization of the site display according to individual needs (like enlarging or reducing text size, changing colors, etc.).
  • Navigation without using a mouse, using a keyboard, touch screen, voice, or other adapted devices.

For this, the site must adhere to current standards during its creation and update


State of Compliance

The website is partially compliant with the European standard EN 301 549 and the General Framework for Improving Accessibility (RGAA) due to the elements listed below.

This declaration was prepared in July 2022.


Non-Accessible Content

The content mentioned below is not accessible for the following reasons : 

Non-compliance with RGAA.

  • Criterion 3.2 – Insufficient contrast between text color and its background color.


Feedback and Contact Information

If you notice an accessibility issue, you can email Social Business Incubator describing the problem and the page concerned. They commit to responding by email within a maximum of one month. To address the problem sustainably and reasonably, online correction of the accessibility fault will be prioritized. If this is not possible, the information you need will be provided in an accessible format of your choice:

  • In writing, via a document or email.
  • Orally, during a meeting or over the phone

Procedure to Ensure Compliance

If you are dissatisfied with the response, you have the option to inform the Information and Press Service, the body responsible for accessibility control, through their online complaint form or the Ombudsman, mediator of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This statement is based on the document model defined in the Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/1523. This model is © European Union 1998-2020 and is under Creative Commons